Friday, December 23, 2011

Reviews on bb creams

Being a fan of bb cream myself, I have spent a huge sum of money experimenting on bb creams.  This is some of my reviews bout de bb cream i have owned.  Just to inform you guys, I m 20 years old and have oily to combination skin, acne prone and have uneven yellowish skintone.

skin 79 hotpink bb cream
This is my favourite bb cream among de rest I have ever used and I still have 2 of dis bb cream in store as  I have bought them during discount. From this, you gals can see that how I loved this bb cream. From the first application, it has a greyish cast but after a few minutes it will matched your skintone perfectly.  Its coverage is medium but it is buildable.  I will apply 2 to 3 layers on my acne marks, blemishes and undereye to cover my panda eyes.  Its oil control is quite good, I juz need to wipe my face with a tissue once when i wear it from early to late afternoon. It has spf 25pa++ so I do not need to wear sunscreen unless you gals are going to be under the hot scorching sun for some time. It doesn't cake too which is a plus.  Every day early morning, I just used my basic skincare then this bb cream as the last step and going for my class for the whole day confidently. It haven't caused me any breakout after I used it for already one year.  My personal rating for this bb cream is 4.5/ 5. I cant rate it 5/5 because I heard there is a substance inside which is cancerous, something which is contained inside a fluorescent lamp which caused blueish white cast when picture is being taken using flash, but most bb cream caused that kind of cast when being taken with flash right?

Beauty Credit Coenzyme Q10 BB sun base spf 46 pa++
This is the next bb cream I want to share with you guys. I bought this at bout rm 120++ at Beauty Credit shop.  I feel regret wasting so much money on this bb cream before doing proper survey about it online.  This bb cream has good coverage and has a good spf of 46 Pa++. Its scent is a bit overpowering but the scent tends to disappear after some time which is a good thing.  However, it is quite thick and make my skin like suffocated although I only applied a little on my face. I apply this when I need to get exposed under the sun to replace my sunscreen.  The first time I wore this, my frens had asked me: "Tracy, what did you apply on your face? Your face is so white compare to your neck!" After using it 2 to 3 times, I gave the big tube to my fren. Its oil control is bad too and I had heard that high spf bb cream normally do not have good oil control.  Seems like it is true huh? I think this bb cream only suit those who are very fair and have pink undertone with normal skin which is not oily. My overall rating for this bb cream is 2.5/5. 

Skin79 Intense Classic Balm UV 
I think this is one of the worst bb cream I have used before.  Its coverage is good and has spf 20 pa++.  Its colour is okay which is not too fair or too dark and look quite natural after application.   However, it is also quite thick and I feel like my skin cannot breathe whenever I apply this. I don't like its scent too. Its oil control is BAD and my face became oilier than normal days whenever I apply this on my face. It had also caused my skin to break out, milia seeds started appearing under my eyes and tiny bumps appearing around my chins and cheeks.  I have given this to my fren too and she too experiencing break up after using this.  My overall rating for this bb cream is 1/5.

Elianto Miracle Multiplex BB cream
This is the first bb cream I have and I quite like it. Its shade is very natural and has watery consistency.  However, its coverage is light so you may need a concealer to cover your blemishes.  Skin looks alive and glowing after applying it.  Its oil control is also quite okay and has spf 25 pa++.  It did not caused me any break out too after finishing one tube of it.  However, this bb cream seems to be not "sweat proof" and will wear off when you are sweating a lot.  It also leaves streaks on my face after long hours of application.  I think this bb cream suit those with not too much blemishes and just want their face to look glowy and healthy. My overall rating for this bb cream is 3/5.

Skinfood Aloe Sun BB Cream
I personally do not like this bb cream too. I do not understand why this bb cream is so high raved about. Its scent is too overpowering for me. Its coverage is okay for me and it has thick consistency. Again, this bb cream make my skin like suffocated upon application.  Its shade is quite weird for me. Its oil control is bad too. I have given this bb cream to others too after apply it for 2 times because I have the feeling that my skin will break out if I continue to wear this. My overall rating for this bb cream is 1/5.

Bio-essence Bio Platinum BB cream Plus Multi Effects SPF 25 PA ++
I bought this bb cream at Guardian for about rm70++. I bought this because the salesgirl raved so much about this bb cream and keep reassuring me that I will sure fall in loved with this bb cream. Well, I am silly enough to believe in her and bought this. Yes, its coverage is good, its scent is okay and has a good spf of 25pa++.  I like its shade too being quite natural.  Its oil control is ok too. I fall in love with this bb cream the first time I apply this on my face, my face looks really FLAWLESS when I look onto the mirror.  However, when i take a closer look using a mirror under the sunlight near my window, I am shocked that my pores have appeared larger and more obvious then before after applying this bb cream. The milia seeds under my eyes becoming more obvious too and my whole face looks more bumpy then before. Yes, by using this bb cream, my face seems flawless and glowy if people looked at me from a distance, but if being examined nearer... I think you guys know what I mean. That means that whenever I apply this bb cream on my face, I can only speak to others face to face from a distance and guys can only look at me from a distance and think that I have nice skin but could not let them get near me or else, haha. I think this bb cream suit those who have TINY pores and smooth skin. My overall rating for this bb cream is 2.5/5.  

Maybelline bb cream
This bb cream is quite okay for me.  Its shade is a bit whitish upon application but after a few minutes the colour will match your skintone.  Its has watery consistency and light coverage.  Oil control is still okay. My face looks healthy and pores look refined upon application.  The downside for this bb cream is that its coverage is a bit too light for me.  You will need a concealer to cover your blemishes.  I think this bb cream suits all skin types except those with lots of obvious blemishes. My overall rating for this bb cream is 3/5.

BRTC Jasmine Water BB cream
I think I loved this bb cream.  I bought this bb cream at Singapore's Guardian.  I forgot the price but I am sure it is not too expensive compare to some other bb cream.  I heard that BRTC is the best bb cream in market. I love the scent of this bb cream, it has the smell of Jasmine. Haha, of course it smells like Jasmine or else it will not be called Jasmine Water bb cream. Stupid me. It has a good spf of 30 and has medium coverage. One thing strange enough is that it is good enough to cover all my blemishes but my panda eyes seems more obvious after apply this on my face. You will need a concealer to cover your panda eyes if yours are as bad as mine. The oil control is not very good, but it can be fixed by using an oil-control face powder.  The only downside of this bb cream is that its shade is a bit too light for me so you will need to apply it on your neck too.  My face looks dewy and flawless upon application of this bb cream.  I remember the first time I apply this, one aunty selling fish soup at stall praising me for being pretty and have such nice fair skin.  I have met her and ate at her stalls for quite a lot of times before but she had never paid any attention to me before. haha. I think this bb cream suit those with very fair skin. I rate this bb cream 4/5. I will rate it 5/5 if only the shade is not that light. =(

Dermedex DD cream
I have this with me now.  I wear this as a sunblock whenever I have any outdoor activities.  I bought this at RM 138 at a beauty saloon. From the picture, you can see that I have removed the price tag in a rush because my mum suddenly examined my make up bag. I will be killed if she know the price. haha. I do not know what is the difference between a bb cream and a dd cream. It has 7 functions-foundation, concealer, whitening, a high sun protection of spf 45pa+++, moisturizer, anti blemish and free radical shield.  It is made from Korea too. I used this after I have serious break up from the result of using the Sunplay spf 130pa++ on my face during last camping.  I have serious acne with cysts all around my chin and forehead.  It is the most terrible nightmare for me and I have terribly low self-esteem during those days.  Even the most heavy coverage of make up cannot hide the thousands of bumps on my face.  Luckily, I have found the beauty saloon called Airellis and my face is getting better now after 2 or 3 times having facial treatment there. However, there are some marks left and I am trying Hiruscar gel now to get rid of the marks. The owner of the beauty saloon recommends me using this dd cream because with my skin condition now, I couldn't simply apply bb creams which may lead to more breakouts.  Furthurmore, this cream won't block pores and help to heal blemishes. It can be used to replace my sunblock too as it has a high spf 45 pa+++(it has 3+ which means its sun protection is really high).  I used this when going to beach last month and my face did not get a bit tanned thanks to this dd cream.  It does an amazing job in concealing my marks and it looks really natural.  My skin seems like getting better too after using this.  It really did not cause me any breakouts too. My skin looks dewy and really smooth after application.  My friends praised me for having smooth skin and is wondered how my acne face get well so suddenly.  Yes, it is the result of the facial treatment I have undergo before but this dd cream help to keep my skin smooth and prevent further breakout.  The only downside of this dd cream is that its oil control is not good and  I need to blot several times a day.  However, this can be fixed by using shine control powder. My overall rating for this product is 4/5.  

Will share with you guys after I have experimenting on more bb creams.  My next target is Loreal Paris Transparent Rosy glow bb cream, etude house precious mineral glowing skin bb cream or Nature Republic Flower bb cream.  Actually I have planned to try the Missha Perfect Cover bb cream after hearing so much good reviews on it but I have also heard ppl saying they have serious breakouts after trying it so I dare not to try.